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1. Privacy Policy

1.1. Your privacy is extremely important to Own the Pitch.

1.2. You agree to receiving marketing communication from Own the Pitch and its club affiliates. Methods and frequency of communication can be altered in your account settings, as well as app notification settings on your phone/tablet.

1.3. All personal information that you share with Own the Pitch will be kept securely and may be transferred to relevant authorities on request. We reserve the right to supply your details to authorised credit reference agencies or identity verification companies.

1.4. Anonymised betting information may be shared with third party providers, but we shall not share your personal identifiable details.

1.5. Own the Pitch will use personal information and other information collected on you to provide customer support and undertake security and identity verification checks.

1.6. Own the Pitch will retain all information for the time set out by applicable legislation. Regulators may also direct time requirements. You are able to contact Own the Pitch and ask them to erase any or all of your information, but the request will only be answered if it is compliant with applicable law or regulator.

1.7. Own the Pitch use certain browser cookies to improve the customer experience. These cookies aim to improve your experience and will not interfere with your privacy.

1.8. We reserve the right to share your personal information in the occurrence of a company event such as takeover, merger or other disposition.