Own The Pitch

Supporting the UK Ambulance Services


Leveraging the power of football to support club communities

A transformational fan engagement platform with a powerful community purpose, Own The Pitch aims to unite clubs and supporters, leveraging the power of football to bring about positive change and support to local communities across the UK.

How It Works for Fans

Own The Pitch offers fans a unique opportunity to own digital plots of their favourite club’s pitch for a season, achieving a greater sense of belonging to their club. 

Digital Plots Ownership

With 2500 digital plots and 6 plot types, fans can purchase for as little as £36 per season, receiving a Certificate of Ownership for each plot they buy.

Win Cash

Owners have 70 chances on average to win cash prizes during every league home game. From £500 for the first goal scored from their plot to £10 for any tackle on their plot.

Support the Local Community

For every winning match event, Own The Pitch will donate up to £75 towards local charitable causes in the club’s community, amounting to an average of £10,000 per match.

By bringing fans closer to the game and rewarding their loyalty, Own The Pitch generates new revenue for clubs and supports local communities, making a significant positive impact on club brands and reputations.

Our 2024/2025 Mission and Objective

We will drive massive football fan engagement with clubs while distributing up to 10 defibrillators per home game per club during the  season. This translates to potentially 200 defibrillators per season per club. Our vision is to place lifesaving defibrillators in every school and amateur football club in the UK, with the aim of reducing the rate of death by Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Partnering with Clubs and Ambulance Services

Own The Pitch aims to partner with at least one club in every one of the 12 Ambulance Services regions in England, Scotland, and Wales, to effectively deliver on our mission. By combining our expertise and your club’s influence, we can make a substantial difference in the lives of thousands.

Own The Pitch – Buy a plot – Win cash – Help save lives

Together we can make a difference for fan, club and community.


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