Own The Pitch

Supporting the UK Ambulance Services


Buy digital plots of your club’s pitch for as little as £36 a season.

Win cash when key action happens on your plots.

Support your local community and help change lives!

Buy your plots

You buy digital plots of the pitch for the season.

A season consists of an advertised number of league home games.

There are 6 plot types and 2500 plots in total.

Plot prices range from £36 (may vary club to club)

You receive a Certificate of Ownership for every plot you buy.


Win cash if any of our 5 key match events happen on your plot.

60 chances to win on average every league home game!

WIN £500 if the first goal is scored from your plot

£250 for any goal from your plot

£30 for a shot on target from your plot

£20 for a free kick from your plot

£10 for any tackle on your plot

Support your local community

For every winning match event we donate up to £75 towards local charitable causes for your local community – that’s £10,000 per match on average.

The ultimate assist for you, club and community

Own The Pitch

Start winning and together we can help change lives.

Our vision is to unite clubs and supporters and use the power of football to bring positive change to club communities.