Own The Pitch

Supporting the UK Ambulance Services

Enhance fan engagement

A game-changing and unique fan engagement platform with a powerful community purpose that enhances fan engagement and could help save lives in club communities.

In creating a sense of shared ownership and belonging, Own The Pitch will bring fans, clubs and communities together for mutual benefit, rewarding fans for their loyalty and commitment, generating new revenue for clubs and supporting local communities.

This will significantly benefit club’s brands and reputations.

We sell digital plots of club pitches to fans.

We typically generate an average of £10,000 for good causes every home game through the season, that could be up to £200,000!

Fans become engaged​ with their club

‘Own’ their plots for a season

Win prizes when key match events happen on their plots

Support their local schools, grass roots football and amateur football clubs, and maybe even help save a life!

Our mission

Our mission for our 2024/25 launch season is to generate huge football fan engagement with clubs, create significant revenue and distribute, on average, 10 free defibrillators per home game per season.

That’s potentially up to 200 per season per club, helping to significantly reduce the rate of death by Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

Our objective

To partner with at least one club in every one of the 12 Ambulance Services regions in England, Scotland and Wales, to begin delivering on our mission.

With your marketing and social media support before and during the football season, but external to your current infrastructure, we will host and operate the entire user experience.

Own The Pitch​

Our vision is to unite clubs and supporters and use the power of football to bring positive change to club communities.